Social Media and Marketing in 2012

As we begin a new year it is time to look back at what has happen and what lessons have been learned. Interpreting the landscape of “Social Media” it is clear that it is driving us in a new direction. Much like the Internet before the World Wide Web (there’s an old term) which was once the sole domain of scientist and researchers we find that businesses are harnessing this “connected” generation and are communicating in a whole new way. 

With Facebook and Twitter for example, connecting us to everyone in a way not fathom 10 years ago, businesses are awakening to a new reality of real-time marketing. Now we are able to communicate with customers instantly and to change course on a whim to meet the demands of an ever-growing populace. By using Social Media not only are we able to reach new customers but we can also reach their friends thus creating an exponential number of new friends and customers.

Is it important for your business to be marketing itself on the Social Media? Absolutely, with the ability to reach new potential customers it is dramatic and is replacing the old phrase of “by word of mouth” in a heartbeat. No matter what your business is you need a unique and fresh way to stand out from the crowd. Let the world know who you are what drive’s you, your business and most importantly what you can do for them that no one else can.

Like it or not, the connected generation is here to stay. Emails once a marketing tool have now given way to sites such as Twitter, Facebook and a dozen other Social Media sites, are allowing us to see and experience life in real-time.

If you think about it, this is what human kind has done for centuries, and that is finding ways to communicate with one another. Each generation has seen some type of improvement in communicating with one another. Learning how to harness this force and use it to your advantage should be your goal for marketing your business in 2012.

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Following our heart

Every time you don’t follow your inner guidance, you feel a loss of energy, loss of power, a sense of spiritual deadness.  ~Shakti Gawain

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The word was the truth

In my last posting I wrote that often the most obvious is the hardest to see….. and a few of you caught the glaring mistake in that I used the word oblivious in place of obvious. So as you can see “the most obvious is the hardest to see” If we cannot laugh at ourselves what is the point?

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Thought to keep in mind

Often the most oblivious is the hardest to see…..

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New Year’s resolutions…

I couldn’t be happier with the host of my website, excellent customer services, multiple options in building a website, shopping carts, and client view all in one package. But being able to switch templates on a whim is a problem, not so much for Photobiz but for myself, I believe it might border on OCD, I find myself constantly tweaking and trying every new template that comes out. No consistency at all, so now I have put my foot down I am going to try to stay with the template I worked on yesterday….I say that now but we will see down the road.

It has a bit of new and a bit of old, some of the old has never been seen so take a look. I promise it will not change by tomorrow.

What I really want on my site would be new model photos, yes the photos on the site are getting stale. 🙂 Maybe, although I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, perhaps this should be my goal this year. As hard as I work in marketing and trying to find new avenues, I am dragging my feet on this subject; enough I am now motivated, this will be my new goal for 2011 new model photos.

Stay tune and if you see me, ask me how my resolution is coming along. Happy New Year everyone.


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New Studio and Equestrian Portraitures

Hard to believe my last blog was in June. Well wait long enough and out of the blue things change. Having mentioned in an earlier blog about co-op studio space in Cincinnati, out of the blue I was offered to be part of a group to rent space at the Essex Studio. Amazing how things come about, the name of the studio, “The Studio Door” more information will be coming out soon. At this time we are getting ready to paint.

I am pleased to announce the start of a new service from Mickler Photography, Equestrian Portraitures; which has been started to produce a finely crafted portraiture of an owner and their horse(s).

“No need to worry about how we are going to get a horse in the studio, I bring the studio to you”.

With my life long passion for horses and photography, I bring a love and understanding of horses together with my passion and ability of photography to create something very unique for you.

Please see my website at where you will see my work, The Equestrian Portraitures (under construction) look for Introduction, where you can read and learn about my life with horses.

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Co Op Studio space in Cincinnati

It seems that there are more photographers than studio space in Cincinnati and the space that is available is pricey if you do not know the right people. I had the chance recently to see some available space that would make an excellent studio space in the downtown area. Starting out, buying the equipment and such would be expensive. What if I were to form a co-op? The area that is available is big enough for a dozen studio spaces more or less which could be dedicated or leased out.

To start out there would be a need for an individual or group to put up front money, the sum depends on the number of applicants or an agreed upon amount.

Curious to know if there is any interest in this idea from the photography community in the Greater Cincinnati Area? Obviously there are a lot more details involved, enough to keep a lawyer busy for quite sometime, but dedication, responsibility, truthfulness, and the ability to work as a team are but a few of the qualities that would be need for membership.

I have bigger plans in mind if this were to come true, and would be interested in hearing from other artist and photographers in the area.

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