Getting out with my camera, at last!

With all the difficulties of working to find a gig, networking,  meeting, talking and arranging, it is very easy to get away from photography. It is with that thought that i picked up my camera and went off to shoot for a day. The subject Cincinnati, its life, quirks and all. Go to my web site for a view of what i came up with. Oddities seemed to be around us daily, but stop and take notice of the situation, what are you looking at, how is it different in your mind than someone else’s? What do you see that they don’t or if they do, present it in a new fresh way, so they do. It is always exciting for me to get the photos onto the computer, for me it is a OMG moment or what in the *^&* was I thinking? Skills like photography do become rusty without proper and continuous practice, something I had taken for granted lately. So if you are reading this, well thank you, if you are finished then grab your camera and start shooting.


About John Mickler

Well you find me starting out in the big photography world. A late decision at best, after many years of sitting at a desk. My passion for p
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