Co Op Studio space in Cincinnati

It seems that there are more photographers than studio space in Cincinnati and the space that is available is pricey if you do not know the right people. I had the chance recently to see some available space that would make an excellent studio space in the downtown area. Starting out, buying the equipment and such would be expensive. What if I were to form a co-op? The area that is available is big enough for a dozen studio spaces more or less which could be dedicated or leased out.

To start out there would be a need for an individual or group to put up front money, the sum depends on the number of applicants or an agreed upon amount.

Curious to know if there is any interest in this idea from the photography community in the Greater Cincinnati Area? Obviously there are a lot more details involved, enough to keep a lawyer busy for quite sometime, but dedication, responsibility, truthfulness, and the ability to work as a team are but a few of the qualities that would be need for membership.

I have bigger plans in mind if this were to come true, and would be interested in hearing from other artist and photographers in the area.


About John Mickler

Well you find me starting out in the big photography world. A late decision at best, after many years of sitting at a desk. My passion for p
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