New Studio and Equestrian Portraitures

Hard to believe my last blog was in June. Well wait long enough and out of the blue things change. Having mentioned in an earlier blog about co-op studio space in Cincinnati, out of the blue I was offered to be part of a group to rent space at the Essex Studio. Amazing how things come about, the name of the studio, “The Studio Door” more information will be coming out soon. At this time we are getting ready to paint.

I am pleased to announce the start of a new service from Mickler Photography, Equestrian Portraitures; which has been started to produce a finely crafted portraiture of an owner and their horse(s).

“No need to worry about how we are going to get a horse in the studio, I bring the studio to you”.

With my life long passion for horses and photography, I bring a love and understanding of horses together with my passion and ability of photography to create something very unique for you.

Please see my website at where you will see my work, The Equestrian Portraitures (under construction) look for Introduction, where you can read and learn about my life with horses.


About John Mickler

Well you find me starting out in the big photography world. A late decision at best, after many years of sitting at a desk. My passion for p
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