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The word was the truth

In my last posting I wrote that often the most obvious is the hardest to see….. and a few of you caught the glaring mistake in that I used the word oblivious in place of obvious. So as you can … Continue reading

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New Year’s resolutions…

I couldn’t be happier with the host of my website, excellent customer services, multiple options in building a website, shopping carts, and client view all in one package. But being able to switch templates on a whim is a … Continue reading

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Co Op Studio space in Cincinnati

It seems that there are more photographers than studio space in Cincinnati and the space that is available is pricey if you do not know the right people. I had the chance recently to see some available space that would … Continue reading

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Getting out with my camera, at last!

With all the difficulties of working to find a gig, networking,  meeting, talking and arranging, it is very easy to get away from photography. It is with that thought that i picked up my camera and went off to shoot … Continue reading

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“Pandemic of systemic economic greed”

Let’s not elude ourselves that the economy is better, it might be off of life support but it is in the “Intensive Care Unit” for now. While the nations was watching the “Swine Flu” pandemic play out and questioning whether to have the H1N1 vaccine or … Continue reading

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Starting out!

Judging by my last blog, I was stressing out over making it big in the photography stage. Well I have landed on two feet, and realize that you can make things happen, but stressing out over it, does no particular … Continue reading

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Photography career

Having discovered my passion for photography rather late in life, I do not have those early years to exist on pizza and sacrifice myself as an assistant to climb the ladder of success. I see it as an accelerated steep … Continue reading

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