Getting out with my camera, at last!

With all the difficulties of working to find a gig, networking,  meeting, talking and arranging, it is very easy to get away from photography. It is with that thought that i picked up my camera and went off to shoot for a day. The subject Cincinnati, its life, quirks and all. Go to my web site for a view of what i came up with. Oddities seemed to be around us daily, but stop and take notice of the situation, what are you looking at, how is it different in your mind than someone else’s? What do you see that they don’t or if they do, present it in a new fresh way, so they do. It is always exciting for me to get the photos onto the computer, for me it is a OMG moment or what in the *^&* was I thinking? Skills like photography do become rusty without proper and continuous practice, something I had taken for granted lately. So if you are reading this, well thank you, if you are finished then grab your camera and start shooting.

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“Pandemic of systemic economic greed”

Let’s not elude ourselves that the economy is better, it might be off of life support but it is in the “Intensive Care Unit” for now.

While the nations was watching the “Swine Flu” pandemic play out and questioning whether to have the H1N1 vaccine or not. It turned out that the real pandemic, was an economic pandemic and this affected everyone, no vaccine needed. It seems everyone was out for him or herself and screwed you for getting in the way.

What happen to love thy neighbor? Greed, or as I like to put it, “Pandemic of systematic economic greed” not in America, Britain, Russia, Iceland, France or China alone, but everywhere, this was a global tragedy whose impact will be felt for generations to come.

Was it capitalism finest moment, with the gorging of goods and service at an alarming rate, stock markets and foreclosures reaching for the sky. I like everyone else was got caught up in this fury; there was no dodging this bullet. If greed is the outcome of this economic tornado, living beyond one’s needs, exaggerating one’s net worth all for the mighty buck. What does that say about us?

Have we lost sight of what is important in life? Let’s “hope” that from this fire we somehow crawl out burned, scraped and brought to our senses, but somehow better for the experience.

Is “Greed” back in its cage, unfortunately no.

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Poll on using music on a photography website

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Starting out!

Judging by my last blog, I was stressing out over making it big in the photography stage. Well I have landed on two feet, and realize that you can make things happen, but stressing out over it, does no particular good.

Just the up and down of building a new career, starting out with a new foundation, getting all the necessary parts and pieces together, yes it is becomes overwhelming at times.

If you are reading this, I really hope you are, let me know your experiences in getting started.

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Photography career

Having discovered my passion for photography rather late in life, I do not have those early years to exist on pizza and sacrifice myself as an assistant to climb the ladder of success.

I see it as an accelerated steep climb. “Hey everybody” I am out here, myself and everyone else. Do I want it all now? Yes!

Should I take the budget wedding market because I could use the money? Or raise my rates (which I have done) and try to get my name out in among a sea of high-class wedding photographers?

Perhaps there is another way to attack this problem? Maybe I am not seeing the whole picture?

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My Start

“The camera is an intensely personal experience that is able to capture the soul of an object and provide a visual representation of that moment”  ~ John Mickler

Thus begins my photography career my true passion in life. After chasing down to many dead ends, my creative or visual portion of my brain, said enough do what you love. Money is not the answer, self fulfillment is, and you will learn how to get by. Well still working on the getting by part, what I do know is that behind that camera I morph into someone who feels confident, happy and excited to be a photographer.

Not not sure where the previous statement came from, probably the visual side of my brain kicking in. But it is true, we are given something very unique in this world, the ability to look at something, and see it in a whole new way. But then we can make a copy of that interpretation and share it with others with our cameras.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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